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EQ Solutions
The EASY & QUICK to ALL of Your Washing Needs!

Founded in 1999, EQ Solutions is the premier foam-on cleaning solution provider in the equine industry! If you have animals, tack, trucks, trailers and equipment then EQ Solutions is for you. The original foam on cleaning solution, EQ Solutions are all natural, safe & effective, and free of soap and alcohol. Make from plant seed esters, the solutions break down the elements that make up dirt from the moment the products are foamed on. So, whether you need a great cleaner for your animals, equipment, vehicles, barn or home, EQ Solutions has the solution for you.

EQ Solutions has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all of the products (excludes the foamer). If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it to us and we will arrange for a prompt refund or exchange.

EQ Solutions. Easy & Quick. The Name Says It All.

Easy & Quick Foam-on cleaning products For Animals, Vehicles, Equipment & Other Surfaces

The Importance of pH:

EQ Solutions animal products will not dry out skin or burn eyes. The pH of the products are neutral, similar to the skin of most animals, which reduces the risk of skin irritation, damage to hair, and other reactions. Products with non-neutral pH may cause significant irritation, dryness of skin, and other skin and hair problems.

"We wash our horses and cattle with EQ. It leaves them with shiny, healthy hair and less fungus problems." --Devin C. Lebanon, IN

"I absolutely can not live without my EQ Solutions! I use it all the time. My horses love being bathed in it and I love the results! My mares white legs look great after using the product. I also use my EQ Solutions for washing out my horse's water and feed buckets (even stalls for a detailed cleaning). My buckets look and smell brand new after using EQ Solutions! This is a product I have been using for about 5 years now and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much!" --Rebecca P.S. Abingdon, VA

"I've been disabled for about 5 yrs now, which affects my right hand, arm, and shoulder. We have looked everywhere for a tool that would be helpful to me, and make my life easier. EQ Solutions IS IT... The hose attachment and swivel have made washing my horses a breeze. And the product works better then anything else on the market. Rather than having to scrub and scrub the dirt and grime away, I just attach it to the hose, make a sweep or two over my horses entire body and I'm all done. Thank you so very much for coming up with such a wonderful product that is so user friendly. You've made washing my animals a dream come true...." --Kristen M. A. Deshler, OH

EQ Solutions
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FAX: 512-929-3005